The iRIS Connected
Care Platform Solution

Our Sensor

Respiratory Parameters

Respiratory Rate (Direct)
Inhalation/Exhalation Times (Ti/Te) 
Tidal Volume (AU)
Duty Cycle
Flow Rate  (AU)
Skin & Body Temperature
Minute Ventilation (AU)

Cardio Parameters

Venous Saturation
Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
Heart Rate (HR) & Variability

Sleep-Stress Parameters

Cognitive Stress

Remote monitoring of vital signs in real time

Compact, portable and reusable

Wireless connectivity:

Daytime & nighttime monitoring

Our Dashboard

  1. Monitor patients SPOT vitals with priority risk stratification
  2. Review and analyze longitudinal
    trends of vitals and activity
  3. Intervene and schedule tele-consultation
  4. Analyze additional trends
    from lung physiology
  5. Analyze patient-reported outcomes
  6. APIS to access raw data
  7. Customize alerts management system using traditional vital signs or machine learning based models

Companion Mobile Application

For Caregivers and Patients

  1. View vital readings and trends
  2. Access patient reported outcomes and connected records
  3. Receive reminders notifications
  4. Conduct and schedule tele-consultation
  5. Calendar to organise medication and appointments