Respiree iRIS Care

We See What Others Don’t

First of its kind, all-inclusive cardio-pulmonary platform technology for seamless, accessible and high-quality remote patient care across healthcare’s care continuum

CE Approved Medical Device
Therapeutics Goods Australia Approved Medical Device
FDA 510(k) Cleared
FCC Granted
HIPAA & FDA Cybersecurity Compliant
QMS 13485 Compliant

Why Respiree?

Very Early Detection

Very Early Detection
Direct capture of respiratory rate and tidal volume (with 13 other cardio-pulmonary signs) for early detection of deterioration 

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity
Elderly friendly sensors with mobile LTE for seamless setup and connectivity

Continuous Real-world Data

Continuous Real-world Data
Centralized dashboard with APIs for data access across broad cardio-pulmonary indicators

What are the Platform Services Available

iRIS Centre

On-general floor direct respiratory rate and cardio-pulmonary based centralized patient monitoring service

  1. Direct capture of leading indicators of patient deterioration
  2. Centralized and real-time risk stratification of patient status
  3. EHR integrable with configurable on- and off-premise solutions

iRIS Home

Home-based seamless remote patient monitoring service using LTE-driven cardio-pulmonary wearable system

  1. Direct-from-the-box wearable solution with LTE compatibility
  2. Companion mobile application with tele-communication channels, notifications and health indicators
  3. HIPAA and GDPR compliant software communication platforms

Respiree Care Therapeutics: Clinical Research

Systems and services for Academic Clinical Research, Decentralized Clinical Trials, and Digital Therapeutics Development

  1. Stand-alone data-export systems for lung and cardio physiology research
  2. Machine learning and AI-assisted platforms for managing compliance and risk notifications
  3. Advancing medication tracking and titration

Use cases

Remote Monitoring of High-Risk Patients With Chronic Cardiopulmonary Diseases
Massachusetts General Hospital
Non-invasive Cardio-respiratory Sensor to Predict Clinical Deterioration in Patients with Respiratory Diseases
National University Hospital
Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Clinical Deterioration in General Ward Patients
Changi General Hospital


ATS 2022 RIS Featured Start-up 

Falling Walls Finalist 2022


“The chest sensor does not feel noticeable. The finger sensor works for our therapy sessions. They are in fact better than our previous tested sensors.”

Tier 1 Hospital in Australia

“I used it for a couple of nights (mainly last year), it seems to pick up on roughly the same sleep cycles as my watch does and overall seems pretty good according to the data on the portal.”

“As for using it, the chest patches are actually pretty helpful and stay throughout the night, it means that it’s comfortable and out of the way.”

“I used it with the chest patch overnight
and thought that it was relatively unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.”

Tier 1 Research Agency in Australia

“Such a good device for the better – much more accurate for the sedated patient measuring Respiration and when working was brilliant.”

Medical Device Distributor