Respiree combines clinical-grade breath-cardio sensing and advanced AI analytics to provide personalized physiology and cognitive health metrics.


Respiree sensors for personal use are available in brooch option that is worn comfortable on clothing without sticking to skin.

Type of Health Metrics Monitored


• Respiratory Rate
• Tidal Depth
• Duty Cycle

• Heart Rate
• Sp02

Get Personalized Insights

Respiree uses breathing and cardiac patterns to map to several personalized health information.

Stress Metrics

Respiree uses proprietary artificial intelligence methods to map breathing patterns to mental stress states

Health Deterioration

Respiree measures your vitals and trends to provide a risk score, informing you of an impending deterioration

Researched Back Technology

Using a combination of proprietary sensing technology with extensive datasets and models, Respiree is able to measure breath-cardio patterns at clinical grade precision to map to personalized health and cognitive metrics.


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Comes with:

Free Basic App

  • Basic Vitals
    • Respiratory-rate
    • Heart-rate
    • Activity Levels
  • Health Diary
  • Notifications

Advanced App

  • Mental Stress Insights
  • Breathing Therapeutics
  • Health Deterioration Insights