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Preventing Hospital Readmissions

Readmissions are a direct contributor to costs and mortality associated with chronic diseases. Approximately 25% of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients readmit within 30-days and 70% die within 5 years of a hospitalization. Nearly US$ 50 billion dollars are spent by payors and providers per annum in USA. 

Why iRIS

Why iRIS Home?

While wearables and remote-patient monitoring solutions have shown tremendous potential to early detect worsening conditions of chronic diseases and to then intervene and prevent patients from readmitting, there still exist significant challenges and limitations particularly with advanced detection.

At Respiree, our aim is to enable very early detection of worsening conditions at home using leading indicators of respiratory physiological data, seamless open-box platforms and clinically validated data analytics.

Seamless Patient Journey

A Patient-centric End-to-End Remote Connected Care Package

  1. Patient centered care coordination approach
  2. Integrated care solution for monitoring, risk scoring and tele-communication interventions
  3. HIPAA compliant and FDA cybersecurity tested automated LTE based system for monitoring

Centralized and Connected Dashboards

  1. 5-party channel communication to track and assist in intervention (Admin – Nurse – Doctor –Caregiver – Patient)
  2. Centralized dashboard monitoring with mobile companion apps
  3. Synchronize directly with back-end systems with optional API plug-ins

Medical Grade Unobtrusive Wearables for Real-time Home Monitoring

  1. Captures HR, RR, SpO2 and temperature
  2. Automate synchronizations with back-end secured systems using a LTE compatible gateway/charging dock
  3. Configurable risk thresholds and alert management systems