iRIS Centre

What is a Code Blue?

A code blue refers to an emergency situation in a hospital. When a code-blue is activated, immediate care will be rendered to the patient by a team of healthcare professionals.

Approximately 2 code blues occur per day with US$ 20,000 per day spent on unnecessary and unplanned ICU transfers. Early detection and prevention of even 1 code-blue can save hospitals more than millions of dollars per year.

iRIS Centre

Why iRIS Centre?

Despite code blue activations being most responsive to respiratory parameters, code blue activations are unfortunately least measured by respiratory parameters.

Respiree aims to transform the performance of code-blue activations by holistic capture of leading code blue indicators (respiratory parameters) alongside traditional cardiovascular signs. 

Respiree Intelligent Risk Informatics System (iRIS) for Hospitals

Capturing leading indicators in medicine with advanced data analytics for early
detection of clinical deterioration in general wards

  1. Capturing leading indicators in medicine with advanced data analytics for early prediction of clinical deterioration in general wards
  2. Customizable alert and risk management system (mobile for transition to home monitoring)
  3. On-premise secured EHR and workflow integration platform solution

Centralized Patient Monitoring Dashboard for Real-time Direct Respiratory Rate, Tidal Volume and SpO2 Monitoring in General Wards

  1. Monitor and stratify abnormalities
    of patients from a single secured dashboard
  2. Integrate vitals signs into EHR and tag patients from SAP platforms
  3. Monitor direct Respiratory Rate (RR) and Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  4. Configurable risk thresholds and alert management systems

Proven and Tested Medical Grade Wearable Technology Platform for General Ward Monitoring

  1. Captures HR, RR, SpO2 and temperature along with 13 additional physiologic signatures including tidal volume and duty cycle
  2. Reusable and rechargeable medical grade wearable technology
  3. Synchronize directly with back-end systems