Respiree Health Analytics and Research Platform allows hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes to track end-user physiology, compliance and informatics via a centralized browser platform.

Health Analytics and Research Platform

Respiree Breath-Cardio Engine and Unified Dashboard Platform allows hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes to track end-user physiology, decompensation, compliance and informatics.

Respiree’s Breath-Cardio Engine and Analytics

Respiree’s proprietary breath-cardio sensing technology and advanced patient analytics permits hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes to track patient decompensation, readmission and compliance by combining respiratory and cardiac variability and advanced AI driven analytics.

Type of Health Metrics


• Respiratory Rate
• Tidal Depth
• Duty Cycle
• Total and Fractional Variability

• Heart Rate
• Sp02
• Heart Rate Variability


Data Service

  • Use Respiree Breath-Cardio Sensors to Collect Respiratory and Cardiac Variability
  • Use Respiree App to Synchronize Data
  • Create Customized Questionnaires
  • Create Customized Trial Conditions
  • Use Respiree Dashboard to Monitor Patient Readmission Risk, Decompensation and Compliance
  • Provide Notifications to Caregivers
  • Export CSV Files



Predictive Analytics

For Hospitals, Tele-health and Pharmaceutical Providers
  • In-hospital Analytics
  • Home Analytics

Screening and Monitoring

For Hospital-wide Triaging, Screening and Monitoring
  • General Care
  • Triage Care
  • Public Health

Population Health Studies

For Wellness Use and Population Health Studies

Disease Areas of Focus

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Mental Health
  • Congestive Heart Failure


Easy for Hospital Users and Researchers to

  • Collect
  • Visualize
  • Monitor and Export Data

Clinical Grade Platform

  • Collect Comprehensive Respiratory and Cardiac Variability
  • Suitable Data for Broad Range of Cardio-Respiratory Diseases
  • Accurate and Publishable

Customizable Solutions

  • Use Available Models
  • Create Customized Models
  • Use In-house Experts
  • Export CSVs


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